I can save you time and money in the kitchen...

I sell completely prepped and cooked meals each week. Order as many meals for four as you need for $35 each. I sell half meals that serve two for $18. 

Contact me at (360) 631-0629 or for menu specifics.


My personal chef services consist of preparing meals for you and your family for the week. My rate is $40 per hour along with grocery cost and shopping time. 

Generally I can prepare meals for six days in four hours plus an hour of shopping time. 

How it works...

Generally a few days before I cook for you, I will send a list of recipes. You will choose between 2-7 meals, and we will make any changes based on dietary preferences or allergies. 

I will then shop for the ingredients and come straight to your house to prepare the meals. Alternatively,  I can prepare the meals in MY kitchen and deliver the meals already cooked.